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A great balance between beauty and ecological awareness

QUIRAL Shampoo Bar Practical Use No Spill No Brokerage
QUIRAL Shampoo Bars All Types of Hair

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QUIRAL/kwi-ral/ adj.

QUIRAL is the spanish word for chiral.

Chirality is a fascinating phenomenon used in Chemistry to describe chiral molecules and their property of existing in two non-superimposable mirror image forms. Like a mirror image of each other, just like our right and left hands. Although they are similar in terms of composition and bonds, they differ in the way they interact.


This difference in activity is crucial. While one can be highly effective, its "opposite" can have harmful side effects.


QUIRAL symbolizes the duality that exists between conventional products and our products, where both serve the same function but have completely different effects.

Join us in switching from conventional to plastic-free alternatives made with plant-based ingredients!

QUIRAL Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair Plastic Free

About us

It all started with Andrea’s personal quest for more natural and noble products driven by her personal struggle with psoriasis. This led to the discovery of how wonderful shampoo bars are and the incredible benefits they offer.

QUIRAL Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair

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